Corporate philosophy

Our corporate philosophy includes the following key areas:

Communication - the communication with our customers, suppliers, partners and among all employees of the company is done with kindness, high esteem and consistency.
Responsibility - each individual employee has the responsibility for the workplace, the work area or production process. Entrepreneurial and cost-conscious thinking and action is practiced in every business area.

Quality - we act in consistent compliance with all relevant industrial standards, including ISO 15378 and ISO 9001. All standards are part of a program for continuous improvement (TQM). We pursue the goal to all industries we deliver, to be considered as a leading supplier.
Health and safety - to guaranty the safety and health of our employees has highest priority. Our goal here is a guaranteed work safety at the production site and the creation of an innovative and stimulating work environment. All premises, technical equipment and processes are regularily monitored by a risk management program.
Environment - We are aware that natural resources worldwide are limited.
As a responsible company, we are constantly monitoring the compliance with the statutory provisions and requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001. Vochezer Druck GmbH is a  voluntary member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria.